AriiSmits partnered with Amicus Labline to deliver a PC2 Laboratory for Farmland Dairy, a manufacturor of baby food products. Farmland Dairy required a PC2 lab  space in  which  to test their products for harmful bacteria before, during and after processing. 


The brief called for several distinct lab spaces within the overall footprint, along with storage for samples and equipment. 


The design team worked hand in hand with the client to create the lab while also cost engineering to fit the allocated budget. This included significant effort in specification of benches, cupboards, and other work surfaces to gain the PC2 accrediation while not causing budget overruns. 


Specialist equipment and services were also brought into the lab and were accounted for by the design team. This included a specialist workflow arrangement being created to allow the lab to function in the most efficient way within the floorplate of the building while minimising the potential for hazards. 


The project also included a development application to Auburn council due to a significant change of use from light commercial to lab space. 


Farmland Dairy


Auburn, NSW