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AriiSmits recently finished the detailed design for the head offices of the Advocate for Children and Young People at Strawberry Hills NSW. 


This office design presented several exciting challenges for the design team; firstly it had to be welcoming to children who are ACYP’s main clients, it needed to meet the needs of the staff while also being bright, friendly and dynamic. The AriiSmits’ design team acheieved this by using a range of fittings, furniture, and finishes that are not only sustainable but work well to liven up the workplace and put people at ease. Special areas were also created for children of all ages to escape from the office surrounds . 


ACYP also features an open plan workstation area for staff as well as multiuse meeting and boardrooms. These spaces were designed to make use of natural light and the calming views.

As this project was completed for a NSW State Government department it was required to meet a Green star standard, this was achieved and exceeded through innovative use of sustainable materials, upgrades to mechanical and electrical systems, and use of insulating window furnishings. 


Advocate for Children and Young People


Strawberry Hills, NSW



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